As a business leader in Humboldt County, Los Bagels strives to improve the lives in our community through our products, actions, and impact. We source locally fresh produce, and partner with vendors and farmers to reduce our post-consumer waste through efficient sourcing and diversion. Each day, we work to further reduce our environmental impact, and build our communities economic independence, one bagel at a time!

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Ultimate goal of zero waste

At Los Bagels, it is substantial that our Zero Waste efforts serve as an essential core value to our business in the community. We hope to educate our customers and encourage them to commit to Zero Waste practices.

Though we’ve put extensive work into reducing our waste, we still have areas we are continuously working on to create less waste. Our next project will be eliminating our plastic bag use within our stores that are used for packaging bagels and baked goods. We look forward to finding a more sustainable option that can still ensure our optimum freshness is kept.


Waste Diversion Partners

Los Bagels is committed to reducing our waste through smart sourcing and diversion. Our goal is to divert what we can from the landfill. We source goods and materials that can be recycled or composted where possible. We divert our bio-waste to local compost programs that improve our community agriculture.

Food waste is donated to charitable organizations in need, converted to consumer products (such as chips or whiskey), or sent to local farms as feed for livestock. Together we will continue to create new and efficient ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle our waste.


Local Produce & Products

Supporting Local Farmers and Producers has long been a part of Los Bagels History. We have been the first customer of many local business’ such as Larrupin Goods, Cypress Grove, Mad River Farms Jams, Lost Coast Roast, and Fish Brothers to name a few. We have always thought shopping local was hip!

Working with Local Farmers we procure produce from many farmers across Humboldt County. See you at the Farmers market!

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Solar Energy

We serve the only Solar Powered Organic Bagels in the World!