Meet our diversion partners! We source goods and materials that can be recycled or composted, and divert our bio-waste to local compost programs to improve community farming. Our bagel waste is donated to charitable organizations in need, converted to consumer products such as chips or whiskey, and to local farms as feed for livestock.


Alchemy Distillery

Founders Amy and Steve founded Alchemy Distillery in 2010. Alchemy Distillery focuses on high-quality grain-to-bottle spirits. In 2013, Alchemy Distillery decided to focus not only whiskey, but unaged spirits and other rare products in the future.

In 2017, Los Bagels and Alchemy Distillery partnered together to create a whiskey made out of day old bagels. We divert up to 60 pounds of bagels a week. They chip it, mash it, and turn it into whiskey.

Bagel Whiskey will be available November 2019!


Isidro Homen

Isidro Homen is a Portugal native from Azores. In 1968, he moved to Humboldt County. Isidro loved cows since his childhood and when he moved Arcata, CA he had the chance to raise his own. For 40 years, Isidro worked on a wood mill running a fork lift. He began with 3 acres and currently owns 20 acres raising cattle and pigs.

For over 20 years, Isidro has partnered with Los Bagels. Los Bagels diverts its day-old bagels to feed Isidro’s cows and pigs - up to 7 barrels a week. Even our community’s cows and pigs love our organic bagels!



Founders Lloyd and Stacey Barker never thought that filling a bucket with worms for $20 would lead to a family-owned business, Local Worm Guy. In 2015, Lloyd and Stacey started their own landfill diversion business by using worms to decompose residential and businesses waste. The end result is “Black Gold”, the highly prized worm castings used by the most discerning gardeners.

Los Bagels has partnered with the Local Worm Guy for a couple of years diverting much of our waste from landfill.


CISCO Haggerty

Cisco Haggerty is a local wholesale manager at a Floral Farm. For 25 years, Cisco has been in the flower business. During his spare time he loves to garden at home.

For over an decade, Los Bagels has partnered with Cisco. Each week Cisco picks up Los Bagels coffee grounds and diverts the its waste to use as fertilizer to plant flowers.


Trex Decking is an industrial company, who prides in compositing decking products made out of recycled plastic. Since 1996, Trex Decking has manufactured the most innovative, technologically advanced, and high-performance outdoor living products using wood alternatives.

Los Bagels gathers its clean plastic waste and transport it to Trex Decking collection sites such as Murphy’s Market to divert plastic in to decking products.

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Founder of Tule Fog Farm, Shail Pec-Crouse is a Santa Rosa native. In 2001, Shail moved to Arcata, CA to pursue a degree in Biology with a minor in Botany at Humboldt State University.

In 2005, after learning about alternative farming methods Shail started a pastured poultry farm, then switched to a more locally grass fed meat farm including cattle sheep, goats, and pigs in 2008.

Los Bagels had been partnered with Tule Fog Farm for over a year diverting kitchen scraps to feed pastured KuneKune pigs.