Local Produce

Los Bagels tries to source from and support local farmer as much as possible, when in season. Supporting your local farmers means you’re eating locally sourced food and supporting local families. Practicing this keeps our connection with the local community at the forefront, and the flavors in our products at their best. Meet some of our farmers and learn more about what they provide.


Deepseeded farms

Los Bagels has had a relationship with Eddie Tanner for over 6 years. Tanner has been farming since 1999 and founded DeepSeeded Farms in 2009 and has since cultivated a variety of produce. DeepSeeded farms uses organic farming methods and materials. The majority of our strawberries are sourced directly from your neighborhood farmer, Eddie Tanner.

“Los Bagels rocks!”

-Eddie Tanner


Clendenen’s Cider Works

Clendenen’s Cider Works was founded in 1909 with the purchase of a producing apple orchard. For over a century, Clenden’s Cider Works has been producing a variety of apples and cider. Los Bagels has sourced their apples from Clendenens Works for over 33 years.


Cypress grove

Cypress Grove was founded in 1983. Los Bagels sources they’re most favorite goat cheese from Cypress Grove. Their goat cheese originated as a product being made at home in Humboldt County by Mary Keehn who had a natural talent with goats.


Little River farm

Little River Farm is a local organic greens farm, located in Humboldt County since 1999. If you are a fan of our Green Salad or BLT this is where your greens originate. Quality you can taste from our locally sourced farmers.


Love our Tomonion? Well so do we, that’s why Los Bagels makes sure to source the freshest there is. We source our tomato’s from Neukom and Family Farms. When in season we also source some of our plums and peaches from Nuekom and Family farms.


Pierce family farm

Pierce Family Farms is a family owned farm that grows fresh produce. Los Bagels has been working with them for 20 years. All of our basil is sourced from Pierce Family Farms and is used to make our pesto spread. Carefully crafted in our kitchen; our specialty handmade pesto spread goes great on any bagel.