Local Produce and products

Meet our farmers! Los Bagels aims to enhance our community by providing high-quality food with an emphasis on local ingredients. We source our fresh produce and products from local farmers and vendors all year long. Supporting local businesses keeps our interaction with local communities at the forefront.


Deepseeded farm

Founder of DeepSeeded Farm, Eddie Tanner is a Sacramento native. In 1997, he moved to Arcata, CA to pursue a bachelors degree in Wildland Soil Science at Humboldt State University. In 2008, Eddie started DeepSeeded Farm, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which supplies members with a weekly bounty of high-quality and fresh seasonal produce.

At Los Bagels, we use these delicious strawberries to make our famous Strawberry Danish.

Clendenen’s Cider

Founder of Clendenen’s Cider Works, Ernest Clifton Clendenen is a Eureka native. In 1909, Ernest and his wife May Long Clendenen purchased the land that is the apple orchard today in Fortuna, CA. While producing a wide variety of apples such as Minkler, Smith’s Cider, and Stark the family soon started pressing and selling pure, unpasteurized, and 100% natural cider.

For over 30 years, Los Bagels has sourced fresh apples from Clendenen’s Cider works.


Cypress grove

Founder Mary Keehn founded Cypress Grove in 1983. As a self-proclaimed “serious hippie” and mother of four Mary searched for healthy milk to feed her children. When Mary asked if she could buy two goats from a neighbor, the neighbor replied “if you can catch ‘em, you can have ‘em”. Soon two goats turned into more and Mary began making her own handmade cheese.

Los Bagels was the second wholesale customer of Cypress Grove, and now they are a renowned Goat Cheese manufacturer and distributes throughout the United States.

At Los Bagels, we use Cypress Grove Chevre as a topping option for our delicious organic bagel sandwiches.


Little River farm

Founder of Little River Farm, John Severn is an Southern California native. While working on a farm, a man named Blake Richardson inspired him to start his own. In 1999, John started Little River Farm in Blue Lake, CA. The name Little River was aspired by the name of his son Jasper River Severn. Little River Farm produces organic greens that are picked and produced all by hand. Today, Little River Farm greens are only sold in Arcata and Eureka, CA.

For over 15 years, Los Bagels has sourced fresh organic greens from Little River Farm for house salads, or BLT bagel sandwiches.


neukom family farm

Founder Jacques and Amy Neukom founded Neukom Family Farm in 1995 in Willow Creek, CA. When Jacques and Amy decided to become farmers they were amazed by the support from community members who assisted with the flourishing of their organic agricultural business. Neukom Family Farm produces a wide variety of produce and 100% of their product is sold in Humboldt County.

At Los Bagels, we use Neukom Family Farm organic tomatoes for our Tomonion, pluots for our Plum Tarts, and peaches for our Peach Danish and Peach Tarts.


Pierce family farm

Founder of Pierce Family Farm, Patrick and Marguerite Pierce are Central Valley, CA natives. Patrick and Marguerite met as farm workers picking grapes and other fruit, which later led to the start of their own business. At the time, there were not many organic farms and in 1974, Patrick and Marguerite started Pierce Family Farm. Today, Pierce Family Farms produces organic basil and cucumbers.

For over 20 years, Los Bagels has sourced fresh organic basil from Pierce Family Farm to make a handmade pesto spread that goes great with bagels.