Humboldt Kimchi Cream Cheese Specials

We are so excited to add a fresh take on your bagel experience with our Kimchi Cream Cheese made with the exceptional Humboldt Kimchi!

Perfect for those of us who like a little spice and a little healthy probiotic with their meals. Kimchi tastes delicious when combined with cream cheese, a little like sour cream in your salsa, but oh-so exciting.

Next time you see that Kimchi Cream Cheese Special at your local store, make sure to grab one and share with us on Instagram @los_bagels. We love to see your pics!

Humboldt Kimchi Cream Cheese Special

March 32nd

Los Bagels March 32nd

What are you doing March 32nd?

Of course everyone knows that Los Bagels is celebrating their 32nd Anniversary and to cap it all off, this Friday March 32 all Los Bagels Sandwiches are just $3.20 .

This is not to be confused with April fools Day because this is no Joke.

March 32nd all Los Bagels Sandwiches just $3.20. Three dollars and twenty cents.

Get there early, while the supply last because we will sell out

Hasta la promixa 32 de Marz
@Los_Bagels #LosBagels