Chanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights is celebrated by lighting candles on the menorah, one candle a day for eight days. This is done in remembrance of how the Jewish people fought for the right to follow their own religion while under Syrian rule. When the war was finally won, the brave leader, Judah, only had enough oil to keep the Eternal Light burning for one day, but miraculously it burned for eight days. During Chanukkah, songs are sung, gifts are exchanged, games are played with dreidels and special foods like latkes (potato pancakes) are enjoyed.

Los Bagels celebrates Chanukkah with a variety of treats from Rugalah to Chanukkah cookies. We also have a wide selection of menorahs, candles, geldt, and of course a big selection of dreidels. Kids ask for your free dreidels at the counter and discounts for teachers.. Don’t forget our one of a kind Chanukkah Papel Picado; a must have!