Dia de los Muertos


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an Latin holiday celebrated in the Central and South regions of Mexico. In Latin heritages, death is viewed as a natural cycle of life and is celebrated to honor the memory and spirit of deceased loved ones.

At Los Bagels Dia de los Muertos is a big celebration here at Los Bagels! We have a few different things to inform you of during this time of year. We offer Dead Bread Workshops. The community can ONLY sign up online ($25) to learn how to create Dead Bread. Dead Bread Kits (everything you need to decorate Dead Bread) will be sold for $10 in store, and 3lb dough for $5. We will have an assortment of special merchandise, including: Calacas, Calaveras, Papel Picado, Pan de Muerto, Dead Bread Kits, Caritas, and Sugar Skulls, ALL INDIVIDUALLY PRICED. The community is encouraged to bring in a picture of a passed loved one to our community ofrenda.