Dennis describes the inspiration and story behind Los Bagels

How a Mexican & Jewish Bakery Came to Be

Los Bagels is a multicultural café with a blend of both Jewish and Mexican tastes and traditions, highlighting many different holidays like Dia de los Muertos, Hanukkah, Passover, and Mexican Independence Day. Los Bagels focuses on the common thread that brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together... Food. Los Bagels serves an eclectic assortment of pastries, breads, and goodies. You will find baked bagels, Challah, Macaroons, & Knish, as well as Empanadas, handmade Chorizo, Pan de Muerto and our freshly made Guacamole. 

One of the original founders, Dennis Rael, was raised in a multicultural family, both Latino and Jewish. These different traditions helped shape Los Bagels’ unique tastes and flavors. In 1984, Dennis, Peter Jermyn, and Paul Hebb decided to open Los Bagels out of an old butcher shop in Arcata. Long time friend and employee, John Monahan jumped on board a few years later, along with Eddie Blakeslee & Travis May. (Paul has since retired to Oaxaca, Mexico.) After all these years you can still find the Los Bagels owners taking orders on the counter, boiling and baking our organic bagels, or volunteering at many community events. Los Bagels is known as a community gathering place, and is proud to serve traditional, boiled and baked bagels to the people of Humboldt County and beyond!