Slug Slime

Slug Slime 4-pack


When Los Bagels opened its doors in 1984, we turned a bagel machine malfunction into an opportunity. What should have been a bagel looked more like a banana slug. Instead of calling it a disaster, we piled on the dazzling flavors of roasted onions, crisp garlic and crunchy seeds. Órale! A slug was born and has been our most popular bagel ever since.

Over time we kept getting requests for the excess toppings. This was affectionately called “Slug Slime”. We now produce our “Slug Slime” for use in Restaurants & Kitchens around the world, so you can share in the goodness any time you like. Our crispy crunchy “Slime” is a great present from the Redwood Coast, for the cook in your life.

4 x 7.5 oz. bottles

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