We  source goods and materials that can be recycled or composted where possible. We divert our bio-waste to local compost programs that improve our community farming. Bagel waste is donated to charitable organizations in need, converted to consumer products (such as chips or whiskey), or sent to local farms as feed for livestock. Meet some of our diversion partners!


Alchemy Distillery

Founded in 2010 Alchemy Distillery focuses on high quality grain-to-bottle spirits. Los Bagels and Alchemy Distillery partnered together to create whiskey out of day old bagels. Available 2019 at Alchemy Distillery; an environmentally friendly whiskey made out of bagels! Diverting our day-old bagels to the distillery helps keep them out of the landfill. This helps us divert up to 60 pounds of bagels a week. They chip it, mash it, and turn it into whiskey.


Isidro Homen

Isidro has been working with Los Bagels for over 30 years now. Isidro began with 3 acres and currently owns 20 acres of land now. Los Bagels diverts its day-old bagels to feed Isidro’s cows and pigs - up to 7 barrels a week. Even our community’s cows and pigs love our organic bagels!


The Local Worm Guy is a family-owned business based in field brook. They divert compostable materials, keeping vital nutrients and carbon out of the landfill and feeding it to composting worms to make a rich Vermicomposting. They also provide year-round availability of composting worms for small and large scale backyard composting and living soil practices.



Los Bagels diverts their coffee grounds to a person named Cisco and have been doing so for over 10 years.



Trex Decking is a plastic decking company. Los Bagels tries to gather as much clean plastic and take it to Trex Decking where they recycle the plastic and use it to make their decks. Los Bagels went from having 2 yards of garbage to one after diverting its clean plastic to Trex Decking.



Tule Fog Farm, a local organic family farm, practices and pioneers sustainable farming practices. Los bagels diverts food waste to Tule Fog Farm to feed their hogs.