For 32 years, Los Bagels has been devoted to serving the community with wholesome ingredients and service along with the rich flavorful bagel experience. As part of our service to the community, Los Bagels prides itself in bringing people together, both in our stores and the larger community outside, with our neighbors, community members, organization partnerships, and annual events and gatherings. 

We host/ Participate:

Student Bakery Tours

Art's Alive Eureka

For art submissions visit Truchas Gallery

Arcata Farmer's Market 

I Block Party/ Annual Benefit for the Arcata-

Camoapa Sister City Project

Dia de los Muertos

 Pan de Muerto/ Dead Bread Workshops

Student of the Week/ Reading Incentive Program

Community / Eureka School Mural 

Movies Under the Mural 

& many other cultural collaborations 

Want to Collaborate with us? Let us know!

Readinng Jalapeño Bagels in class? Schedule a bakery tour or order our Student Sampler